Micro-stories of street food in London


It’s been a while since my last post. For the past 4 months I’ve been doing fieldwork for my research focussed on the configuration of the street food scene in London as an urban cultural assemblage (I’ll get into that in another post).

My fieldwork is mainly ethnographic; I’ve been doing participant observation; working with market organizers (office work and at the marketplace) and food traders (from pub residencies to setting up the stall, van, cooking and serving food).

Besides my interest in food, cooking and eating (specially), one of the most regarding things about doing ethnography is being able to experience and being part of the micro-stories of the people you’re working with, those backstage stories that I would like to take to the main stage.

From the backstage: Lentil satay burgers

I’m a devoted fan of TV series (I’m following at least 8 TV Shows at the) and one of the things I really like about them is that each chapter is a piece of bigger picture. Every character develops their story through each season to complete little by little a bigger puzzle.

For me, doing ethnography is very similar. Being able to gathered those pieces, embrace them, connect them and communicate them as a wider understanding, in this case of how street food is being configured in London. Now, the challenge is to keep getting in and practicing my creative writing.