Foodies: entre el gourmet, el boutique y el pop up.


Últimamente revisando revistas de tendencias, lanzamiento de nuevos programas de TV y eventos relacionados con comida en Chile he observado la proliferación del uso de palabras como gourmet, boutique o pop up para describir y diferenciar un tipo de experiencia relacionado con la comida.

La propaganda a estos  productos o experiencias exclusivos, desde el punto de vista del lenguaje, invita a pensar en una oferta de actividades culturales que necesita excluir a algunos para poder legitimarse dentro de un grupo de elite.

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From pain to pleasure, fieldwork so far


I’m very much enjoying the fieldwork stage of my research.  I’ve been collecting data and I try to read frequently about how to improve my performance as a researcher. The other day I found a post about fitting in and “the task of transforming ourselves into the kind of person we need to be in order to conduct successful fieldwork”. That means to adapt to new situations, get to know people, fit in their conversations and be little by little part of their everyday life. This is what I’ve learned so far.

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Why am I interested in food?


I like food. I like eating. My interest is personal and for the past few months, also academic. Just to mention a few things: most of my family and friends gatherings are around food and heavy eating (see pictures); a long time ago I took a culinary anthropology course during my BA studies in Chile, and after leaving my parents’ house I started cooking more often and I learned a lot by reading blogs and recipes on the Internet.

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